Birth of Television
Brief history of television technology from the early twenties to the start of World War II.
Late-Night Talk Shows: 1950 - 1957
Steve Allen's Tonight! show was the first of the classic Late-Night Talk Shows.
Late-Night Talk Shows: 1957 - 1962
Jack Paar, the great conversationalist, left his mark on Late-Night programming.
Late-Night Talk Shows: 1962 - 1972
The first ten years of the reign of Johnny Carson, undisputed King of Late-Night.
Late-Night Talk Shows: 1972 - 1992
Johnny Carson bids a final farewell after almost thirty years of Late-Night TV.
Late-Night Talk Shows: 1992 - present
The Great Talk Shows War ended years ago. The feuds are over. But who really won?
Evolution of Daytime Talk Shows: Part 1
The rapid growth of broadcast television from the end of World War II to 1951.
Evolution of Daytime Talk Shows: Part 2
Fabulous Fifties. The introduction of Today, the longest running network daytime series.
Evolution of Daytime Talk Shows: Part 3
Syndicated Sixties. Today still ruled early morning, and the syndicators controlled daytime talk.
Evolution of Daytime Talk Shows: Part 4
Good Morning America provided competition for Today, and Donahue started a new type of Talk Show.
Evolution of Daytime Talk Shows: Part 5
Today loses its lead to Good Morning America. Sally, Geraldo, and Oprah follow Phil Donahue's lead.
Evolution of Daytime Talk Shows: Part 6
The Nineties. Trash TV has ruled daytime programming for more than a decade. How long will it continue?

Current/Rotating 120x60

Former Talk Shows/Hosts

Alan Thicke
Arsenio Hall
Bob Costas
Cancelled Shows
Carnie Wilson
Dick Cavett
Duchess of York
Gary Chapman
Garry Shandling
Greg Kinnear
Howie Mandel
Jack Paar
Jenny McCarthy
Joan Lunden
Joan Rivers
John Henson
Johnny Carson
Keenen Wayans
Magic Johnson
Merv Griffin
Mike Douglas
Phil Donahue
Steve Allen
Tom Snyder
Whoopi Goldberg



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